There’s nothing that Azeem Victor enjoys more than spreading the word to youngsters about hard work and focus. He has been a volunteer mentor to youngsters in Seattle for a good part of his football career at the University of Washington.

When home in California he likes to spend time with the varsity football team at Pomona High School. Azeem’s brother, Mychal Victor, is the captain of the varsity football team.

He tries to inspire these high schoolers by sharing his experience as someone who has transitioned from Pomona High School to a well-known university. He loves to share his high school experiences and explain how hard work pays off – on and off the football field.

His Azeem’s Dream Foundation will be sponsoring the team dinner for the Pomona High Football team on Friday, September 1st at 3 pm.

It’s imperative that we invest in at risk/urban youth & take them from resignation to possibility.

Dinner with the Pomona High School Varsity Football team

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